March 27, 2017- Los Tucanes de Tijuana, present in the state capital of Texas, crowding The Coliseum of Austin on Friday, March 24. Austin is located southwest of the U.S. It is the 4th most populated city of the Country and the largest of the State, being the 2nd largest state capital in the United States, where thousands of Hispanics live and attended the grand event of “Los Papas de Los Pollitos”, to enjoy the great show of light and sound that Los Tucanes de Tijuana gave.

Continuing with their "Al Por Mayor" Tour, Los Tucanes de Tijuana arrived to Houston on Sunday 26th, performing at the Monumental Plaza Garibaldi, to satisfy all the requests of their fans who were waiting for them as usual, in a fully Cowboy setting, where they could sing and dance without any concern of all the diners. Houston is also one of the most populated cities in the state, and is the 5th most populated of the country. Houston has the largest concentration of research and health institutions in the world, and it is considered a global city with a broad industry in energy, manufacturing, aeronautics, transportation, health, petroleum equipment and it also has NASA’s Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center.

We thank all our fans for continuing to support our career and all the entrepreneurs who make it possible to carry out these events, in order to continue taking our music and make them spend a good time full of joy.