Los Tucanes de Tijuana on their 2017 Tour visiting the State of California were present on Friday, February 3 at the Visalia Convention Center, accompanied by a great cast, Los Papas de Los Pollitos delighted the audience, celebrating the first Valentine’s Day dance, where romantic songs like "Mundo de Amor", "Amor Platónico", "Secuestro de Amor", "365 Dias" and many more successes have been left in the history of "The group that changed the course of The northern music in the world ". And continuing with their performances on Saturday 4 at El Fox Theater in Salinas, with a great welcome from their fans singing and dancing to the rhythm of El Tucanazo. 

And on Sunday, February 5, we enjoyed watching the Super Bowl LI on the Fox Sports TV network, where Mario Quintero participated in the opening video announcing the start of the game and reminding all Hispanics of how important is the sport and that Hispanics have had it on their blood for many years. Mario Quintero and Los Tucanes de Tijuana continue to make history and break barriers with the participation on the promotional video of the opening of the Super Bowl LI.


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