March 21, 2017- Last weekend, Los Papás de Los Pollitos, fulfilled their work contracts, despite the snow and the intense cold that they had in the State of Wisconsin & Illinois, arriving with their trucks loaded with all their lights and sound equipment to create an spectacular show and to rumble the walls in the three places where they performed:

On Friday, March 17 at The Rave / Eagles Club in Milwaukee, WI with a crowd of Latin American countrymen who welcomed them with great enthusiasm singing in unison all The Tucanes’s successes in Tijuana, and despite the cold, and the intense snow that was on the weekend, It wasn’t an obstacle for our fans to stop attending our concerts. On Saturday, May 18 at El Volcán in Chicago, IL and on Sunday the 19th at the Sears Center Arena in Hoffman Estates, IL.

And that's how we celebrated the beginning of spring, bringing our music to all the States of the American Union, to sing our songs and to cheer all our Mexican and Latin American countrymen to make them sing and dance with our unmistakable music.