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Los Tucanes de Tijuana start an April 13, 1987 and during his career has remained at the top of the music scene in Mexico and the United States, with themes of a single composer: Mario Quintero Lara

Los Tucanes de Tijuana is the Mexican-Regional group in history of contemporary music that has been capable of placing 6 titles at a time in a list of the Billboard TOP LATIN ALBUMS in first places (1996-1997).

  • More than 14 million albums sold worldwide during their career
  • 69 Hits top Billboard hits.
  • 34 Unpublished albums up to date.
  • 32 BMI Awards, in the last years, Mario Quintero Lara’s themes have received awards for public performance, as author of the most played themes in the radio station Radio Latina in the United States, plus 1 for Best Composer of the Year.
  • 34 Gold Records certified by the RIAA
  • 30 Platinum Record certified by the RIAA
  • At least 15 of their albums have sold more than 500 thousand units
  • 12 Grammy nominations in Latin and American Categorize.
  • Latin Grammy Winner Best Norteño Album 2012– "365 Dias"
  • They are the only Latin band that has released simultaneously two different productions having promotions for both albums, one of corridos & the other of romantic songs.
  • For the past years, Los Tucanes de Tijuana has been performing 120 concerts per year with an average attendance of 5,000 people per concert. More than 5 million attendees have enjoyed their concerts.
  • 57 Video clips of LOS TUCANES DE TJUANA, where they have been distinguished for their quality and excellence. In the list of beautiful woman who have accompanied them are ALICIA MACHADO, VANESSA VILLELA, CONSTENZA LOPEZ, PATY ALVAREZ, ODALYS GARCIA, LUZ ELENA GONZALES, GALILIEA MONTIJO, EUGENIA CAUDURO, ALINE HERNANDEZ, SUSANA GONZALEZ, ADRIANA FONSECA, MANOLA TEN, LAISHA WILKINGS, LUCIA MENDEZ, BARBARA MORY, IVONNE MONTERO, CLAUDIA LIZALDI, FABIOLA CAMPOMANES, JACKELINE ARROYO, MARLENE FAVELA, "Nuestra Belleza Nayarit" (Nayarit Beauty Pageant)  TANIA VAZQUEZ, JIMENA, MARIANA SEOANE, GABY RAMIREZ, NOELIA, XIMENA CORDOBA, FERNANDA CASTILLO and many more, also with the participation of excellent actors of the golden age of Mexican cinema as Mr. Joaquín Cordero, and the successful comedian Teo González as well as the actor Fernando Saenz.
  • Los Tucanes de Tijuana have managed to gather large crowds at their amazing performances: 125,000 in New York, 100,000 in the Estadio Azteca, 26,000 in Chicago, Illinois, 22,000 at the Acapulco Festival, 54,000 at the Astrodome in Houston Texas, 85,000 at the Zócalo Capitalino (Capital main plaza) in Distrito Federal, 50,000 in Tijuana, Baja California, 40,000 in Guadalajara, Jalisco, 25,000 in Mexicali, Baja California, 20,000 in Durango, 35,000 in Chiapas, 40,000 in León Guanajuato., 42,000 in Culiacán, Sinaloa, 45,000 in San José, California, 15,000 in Los Angeles, California, 12,000 in San Diego, California, 30,000 in San Luis Potosí, Mexico,   60,000 in Fontana, California.
  • Mario Quintero Lara, is the main composer for Los Tucanes and has received in the last years, 28 BMI awards for having the most played themes in Radio Latina in the United States. He has composed more than 500 themes among songs and corridos, plus 100 artists have recorded his songs, among the most famous corridos that they have recorded are: “Clave Privada” and “El Centenario”, artists such as; Banda El Recodo, Joel Elizalde, Los Huracanes del Norte, Lupillo Rivera, La Banda Limón, and many more.
  • The themes: 'Mis Tres Animales' and 'La Chona', ‘El Tucanazo’, ‘Mundo de Amor’, ‘La Chica Sexy’ and ‘Secuestro de Amor’ took them to conquer the market in Chile, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Spain.
  • The corrido "El Centenario" has been listed alongside great legends of international music; The Beatles, Madonna, Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Queen, Elvis Presley, U2, Elton John, and many more. (Source: http://www.tsrocks.com/t/tucanes_de_tijuana_los_texts/el_centenario.html)
  • 2006 - The Televisora Española, S.A. recorded a special for the TV show "Todo el Mundo es Musica" dedicated to the corridos, and the honoree composer guest was Mario Quintero, singer and Leader of Los Tucanes de Tijuana, performing two of his famous corridos, "Operacion Pesada" and "La Piedrita Colombiana"
  • Winners of Multiple Awards ... Furia, Q-Buena, Lo Nuestro, Globo, Oye, La Raza, Ritmo Latino, Alma Awards y and several nominations to Latino and American Grammys. Also they have been give City Keys of Los Ángeles, California, Oxnard, California, and several Latino and American Grammys nominations
  • 2002- At the Alma Awards ceremony, Los Tucanes de Tijuana imposed a major Mexican-Regional presence being the most acclaimed performer of the event and their song ME GUSTA VIVIR DE NOCHE was chosen as the event grand finale.
  • LOS TUCANES DE TIJUANA is norteño music group that has best communicates with all ages, children, young people and adults, crossing borders from Mexico, the United States, Central America, South America and Europe, they are synonym to dance, sing, fun, party and family entertainment, their albums are found in the hands of millions of fans, primarily young people.
  • 2006 - They sign a contract with Univision Music Group, and in May, released their first concept album "Siempre Contigo" a concert that was filmed live in the Zocalo of Mexico City, their first DVD and CD "CONCIERTO EN VIVO" surpassing the 100,000 copies sold, then in October it launched the first song album, "AMANTE DE LO BUENO" and in January 2007, goes on sale the corridos album, "EL PAPA DE LOS POLLITOS" an album that surprised Univision Music Group, due to its high demand the album was sold out during the first week, reaching the first place at the Billboard / SoundScan-Mexican Region for high sales, and a third place in the Hot Latin Albums, and in June 30th they are granted a double golden record for the sale of 200,000 copies.
  • 2007 - November. Los Tucanes de Tijuana, for the first time in history a musical group of the Mexican Regional genre, is nominated at the International Film Festival in Monaco, 5th. Edition of "ANGEL FILM AWARDS" and in December 8th during the awards ceremony, Los Tucanes receive "A special mention" / "Un Certain Regard" Angel Film Awards for the musical documentary "LOS ILEGALES" and a :Angel Film Award", closing 2007 with a flourish, Los Tucanes de Tijuana, made the public dance in countries like China, Japan, Brazil, Italy, and even France royalty, danced to their hits "El Tucanazo", "Jugo a la Vida", "Me Gusta Vivir De Noche" and "La Chica Sexy".
  • 2008 - July 7. Mexico Tourism Promotion Board makes a very special invitation to Los Tucanes de Tijuana, to be an essential part in promoting tourism in Mexico, which will be produced and developed by the company IFS-Industry Films Studios in Mexico City in 2009. It is a great honor for Los Tucanes and especially for composer Mario Quintero Lara, having been chosen to write & create this song so important, "MEXICO ES TU CASA", especially for Secretary of Tourism, as an important and significant issue for the Mexican people.
  • 2008 September 11. Las Vegas Nevada, the star of Los Tucanes de Tijuana at the walk of fame in Las Vegas Blvd. / MGM Casino avenue.
  • 2008 - September 11. Las Vegas. Democratic Assemblyman and District 11 Deputy Mr. Ruben J. Kihuen gave an edict decreeing the official Day of Los Tucanes de Tijuana, thus being established on September 11, as the official day of Los Tucanes de Tijuana and they were presented with the PROCLAMATION, a Recognition Certificate and Tribute, and the "Certificado de Elogio" from Las Vegas city.
  • 2008 September 16th. Los Angeles, CA. The city of Los Angeles dedicated the PROCLAMATION to the and they are invited to musically participate in the Proclamation of Independence. (Event to celebrate Mexican Independence).
  • 2009 September 17. Mario Quintero Lara is nominated for the Latin Grammy, for the writing of "Se fue Mi Amor", he was also nominated for Lo Nuestro awards as "Best Norteño Group" and closing with a flourish with the Grammy nomination as "Best Norteño Album" Se Fue Mi Amor.
  • 2010 - February 4. The Grammy Museum honors the successful career of Los Tucanes, placing the Mario Quintero Lara show suit on the display of the great Latin stars, next to Ricky Martin, Celia Cruz, Los Tigres del Norte and Banda el Recodo. Los Tucanes de Tijuana, always at the forefront being the first to start a series of acoustic conferences called "Nuestra Historia".
  • 2010 - September. Los Tucanes de Tijuana are nominated to the Latin Grammy for Best Norteño Album "RETRO-CORRIDOS" that will be held in November this year.
  • 2011 - January. The new release of Los Tucanes de Tijuana "El Arbol" remained for seven consecutive weeks, as the number 1 Regional Mexican Album in sales by Soundscan Billboard. The production includes 15 corridos of the composer Mario Quintero Lara, plus four versions in Banda genre, being described as the most controversial and controversial album of the year.
  • 2011 - Los Tucanes de Tijuana had a special participation in the production of the soundtrack of the Mexican film EL INFIERNO from the filmmaker Luis Estrada, with the corrido "El Diablo" written by composer Mario Quintero, this is the main theme song of the film now nominated to the Goya Awards in 2011, this coming February the 13th, in Madrid Spain.
  • 2011 - Los Tucanes de Tijuana are nominated for Lo Nuestro Awards 2011 in the "Norteño Artist of the Year" category, also having a special participation in the cast that grace this event, singing their hit "Soy Todo Tuyo" from composer, leader and producer of Tucanes Mario Quintero Lara.
  • 2011- Los Tucanes de Tijuana, participate in an essential way in the movie "Salvando al Soldado Perez" with the theme song "Julian Pérez", corrido from composer Mario Quintero Lara, which premiered in September in the United States following the success in Mexico.
  • 2011 - August. Los Tucanes de Tijuana are nominated and awarded with "Las Diosas de Plata" (Silver Goddesses) by the Cinematographic Journalist of Mexico for best movie song with the corrido "EL DIABLO", main song of the Mexican movie "El Infierno", winner of 9 Diosas de Planta including theirs.
  • 2011 September. - Los Tucanes de Tijuana participate in the soap opera "Una familia con suerte", with a special participation in the celebration of national holidays in Mexico with the entire cast.
  • 2011 - September. Los Tucanes de Tijuana are nominated in two categories at the 12th. Latin Grammys awards for Best Norteño Album "El Arbol" and song of the year "El Jefe de la Sierra" which will be held on November 10th in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • 2011 - October. Los Tucanes de Tijuana are nominated for the "La Que Buena" Music Awards in two categories, the Corrido of the Year with "El Jefe de la Sierra" and the norteño Group of the Year, which will be held on November 8th. in Los Angeles, CA.
  • 2011 October.- For the first time the Mexican Billboard Music Awards grants Los Tucanes de Tijuana the "Legacy Award / Musical Legacy" Award for their artistical career at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles, CA.
  • 2011 November.-, The first new single "Amor Compartido" is launched in all radio stations in USA and Mexico, which comes from the discographic production "365 Dias", new material that will be on sale next year worldwide.
  • 2012 - January. Los Tucanes de Tijuana launches their new record album "365 Dias", promoting their new material at national and international television programs in Miami, Florida.
  • 2012 - January 27th. The video clip "Amor Compartido" is released worldwide, which was filmed in the beautiful country of Honduras.
  • 2012 - January 31st. A new record album "365 Días" with cumbia and ballads is released for sale
  • 2012 - February. For a week Los Tucanes promotes their new record album "365 Dias" at internationally important television programs in Miami Florida, were during the television program "Despierta America" they were awarded with a golden record for their album "El Arbol" and two platinum records for their albums "El Virus del Amor" and "Fiesta en la Sierra"
  • 2012 - February. Los Tucanes de Tijuana are nominated for Oye! Awards in the category of Soloist or Norteño Group with their corrido production "El Arbol"
  • 2012 - March. Mario Quintero is awarded with his 27th for composing "El Jefe de la Sierra" song from the record album "El Arbol", during the 19th BMI Awards.
  • 2012 - April. Los Tucanes de Tijuana launched the second musical cut "365 Dias" which comes from the record album with the same name.
  • 2012 - May. Los Tucanes de Tijuana are invited by Televisa to participate at "Mexico Suena" event.
  • 2012 - June. Los Tucanes de Tijuana dedicate "Carnaval Carolinas" song at the 15th Las Carolinas Festival, been this the event musical theme song in which they were awarded as the "Most admired norteño musical group"
  • 2012 - July. Los Tucanes de Tijuana are invited to celebrate the seventy fifth anniversary ofDel Mar, California, which they attended during the annual thoroughbred horse racing season closing with a main concert at the end of the last race at this important Californian event.
  • 2012 - August. Mario Quintero receives a tribute by his Mexican regional genre colleagues with a CD containing the greatest corridos performed by: Banda El Recodo, La Original Banda El Limón, Banda MS, Calibre 50, Julion Álvarez, El Potro de Sinaloa, amongst others...
  • 2012 August.- Alfredo González "El Zurdo" receives an award for Best Accordionist, at the Premios de la Calle Awards 2012 in Los Angeles, California.
  • 2012 September.- Los Tucanes de Tijuana were a key factor in the creation of the documentary film "Hecho en Mexico" from English producer Duncan Bridgeman, where deep-rooted traditions and customs of Mexico and beautifully are narrated, and the music which distinguish it in the entire world, which is why Los Tucanes de Tijuana were invited to participate in an essential way in this film.
  • 2012 - October. Los Tucanes de Tijuana are awarded at the Hispanic Newspapers convention for their music that is leader on the Mexican regional genre and for the artistic career that has leaved a mark worldwide.
  • 2012 - October. Los Tucanes de Tijuana are nominated at the Billboard Mexican Music Awards, in the category of Norteño Artist and had a special presentation to close the event.
  • 2012 - October. Los Tucanes de Tijuana opened the first event of Bandamax Awards, where they made a musical fusion with Moderatto Group, interpreting the theme of Me Gusta Vivir De Noche, making norteño music and Rock a spectacular presentation for the public, also nominated for Best Norteño Album this year.
  • 2012 November.- Los Tucanes de Tijuana are nominated for the Latin Grammys, which will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, in the short list of "Best Norteño Album" with his album "365 Days".
  • 2012 November- Los Tucanes de Tijuana, win the Latin Grammy 2012 in the category “norteño Album of the Year” with their recording production “365 Dias”, becoming their first Grammy in twenty-five years of artistic career.
  • 2012 December.- Los Tucanes de Tijuana are nominated in the category "Best Regional Mexican Album including Texan" at the American Grammys.
  • 2013 March.- Los Tucanes de Tijuana are nominated at the Oye! Award 2013! on the short list "Soloist or norteño Group of the Year", to be held on May 16th at the International Center Mazatlan, Sinaloa!
  • 2013 - May. Los Tucanes de Tijuana received a "Star", symbol that recognizes their artistic career at Plaza Sendero in Toluca, Estado de Mexico. Recognition granted by the Representative Fidel Almanza, Andrea Estevez from the Red Cross, Monick Huitron "Una Mano Amiga en Toluca" and LA Fernando Guzman, Administrative Manager of Plaza Sendero.
  • 2013 June 25th – Los Tucanes participate in “El Corrido de Cuco” in the soundtrack production for the movie in animated pictures “El Americano” under the executive production of Edward James Olmos and the Director: Ricardo Arnaiz, Co-director: Mike Kunkel Producers: Gerry Cardoso, Alex Flores.
  • 2013 July 13th – Los Tucanes are renowned “Embassadors of norteño Music” by the Mayor of the Concello de Vilagarcía de Arousa in Pontevedra, Galicia-España Mr. Tomas Fole and by México in the Municipality of Colon, Queretaro Galicia the Engineer Alejandro Arteaga for the cultural encounter between Mexico and Galicia in the MEXIGA festival.
  • 2013 - August. Yakima, Washington bilingual newspaper LA VOZ grants an award to "Los Papas de los Pollitos - Los Tucanes de Tijuana" for their support to Mexican people and the Migration Reform.
  • 2013 August 18th – The Board of Mexican Federations (Abbreviated COFEM-Consejo de Federaciones Mexicanas) in Los Angeles, awards recognition to Los Tucanes de Tijuana for their example improvement and contribution to the Latin Community, for their participation in the Soundtrack with “El Corrido de Cuco” for the movie “El Americano” and for the support to the Migration Reform.
  • 2013 November 1st. on their first tour to Colombia, Los Tucanes de Tijuana are renowned as "The Group that changed the course of norteño Music- adding the Slogan "in the World ".
  • 2013 December 3rd – The corrido El Papás de Los Pollitos is chosen by the television network Mundo Fox, to become the main theme for the television series “Alias el Mexicano”.
  • 2013 - December 17. Launch of the first single "Soy Parrandero" from their album Corridos Time-Season One Soy Parrandero.
  • 2014 February 18th – World premiere of the video Soy Parrandero, filmed in spectacular locations in Galicia España and in the city of Bogota with a group of gorgeous Colombian women.
  • 2014 - February 25th. They begin the Promotion of their Corridos Album Time-Season One-Soy Parrandero in the city of Miami, in the "Despierta America" televisionprogram Universal grants Los Tucanes the Gold Record for the album "365 Dias" winner of the Grammy Latino.
  • 2014 March 11th – Las Vegas, Nevada, BMI (Broadcast Music, Inc.) celebrated los prestigiousBMI Latino Awards in its 21st edition, and awarded Mario Quintero Lara with 2 awards for the themes “Amor Compartido” & “365”, for the most broadcasted songs in the American radio and television. These songs included in the album 365 Dias by Los Tucanes de Tijuana winner of one Gold Record and of the sought-after Latin Grammy 2012. With these 2 more awards they accumulate to the impressive list to add up to 28 BMI Awards, plus 1 as Composer of the Year and Mario Quintero Lara stands out against the entire Hispanic composers.
  • 2014 - March 18th. Tucanes in Mexico Distrito Federal, on Primero Noticias television news with Loret de Mola and Bandamax presenting the Corridos Album launch Time Season One - Soy Parrandero.
  • 2014 - March 26th. Corridos Time Season One-Soy Parrandero, in its first week of release was ranked #1 on sales by the Billboard Mexican Regional list.
  • 2014 - May 29th. Acapulco Festival 2014, Los Tucanes cram the concert with more than 25,000 people at the Jardin Sur in Acapulco, Guerrero, and with the highest rating in its transmission in the Bandamax television Program
  • 2014 June - Telemundo network invites Mario Quintero Lara and Los Tucanes de Tijuana to compose and perform the corrido "La Señora de Acero" for the soundtrack of the super television series "SEÑORA ACERO" which will be released on September 23rd, 2014. http://www.telemundo40.com/entretenimiento/Senora-Acero-la-nueva-produccion-de Telemundo-270252331.html
  • 2014 - August 21. Tu Mundo Awards invites Los Tucanes for a worldwide release of their latest singles "La Señora Acero" and "Perdoname Mi Amor" songs from their latest production PERDONAME MI AMOR, were Los Tucanes also contributed with their participation on "Tu Mundo" Awards on their 3rd. year, which was awarded the # 1 Prime Time Entertainment Rating with the highest audience reaching over 4.1 million viewers.
  • September – Mario Quintero Lara, is invited by the television network Telemundo to participate as one of the Judges on the Reality show “YO SOY EL ARTISTA” (I am the Artist) which premieres on September 14th of the same year.
  • September 15th – Culiacan, Sinaloa. Los Tucanes de Tijuana make history in their homeland to the Proclamation of Mexican Independence gathering more than 42 thousand people, and demonstrating that their musical career is not solely based on corridos, singing ballads, ranchera (Mexican style song) and cumbias for more than 2 continuous hours. “This event is historical, because it is the first one that we have done without performing a corrido”…”Long live Mexico”, “Long live Sinaloa” and “Long live Los Tucanes!”  http://www.noroeste.com.mx/publicaciones.php?id=975345&id_seccion=81&fecha=2014-09-17
  • October 267th – Fontana, California – Los Papás de Los Pollitos, broke record audience in the Fontana, California Autoclub Speed Way, with more than 60 thousand people who attended the great event organized by the chain of supermarkets Supermercados Cárdenas with the county of Los Angeles.
  • 2015 - August 19th - Launch of the First single “Perdóname mi Amor” from the album with the same name.
  • 2014 - October 27th - The album PERDONAME MI AMOR was released for sale in iTunes.
  • January 14th – The super series “Señora Acero” from the television network Telemundo positioned itself in the #1 Hispanic speaking programs in its 10 pm schedule with major audience during 14 to 16 weeks for adults between 18 to 49 years of age. “Señora Acero” was produced by Television Argos and filmed in various locations all around Mexico. The Soundtrack was produced by Mario Quintero and Los Tucanes de Tijuana.
  • February 6th – Launching of the theme “Suena la Banda”, Los Tucanes de Tijuana recorded a duet with Codigo FN,  the 2nd cut album “PERDOMAME MI AMOR”, creating a fusion of voices and instruments in which each one of them brought their essence and musical quality, to come up with this excellent mixture of Tuba and Accordion to the unmistakable style of Los Tucanes de Tijuana and Codigo FN as well as the theme that was put in the first places of popularity .
  • March 31st – BMI in its 22nd edition of their Awards in Miami, Florida awarded Mario Quintero Lara 2 awards “Rehabilitado “ & “Soy Parrandero” which placed him as the maximum leader of Latin composers in the history of the BMI Latin Awards with 30 awards + 1 as composer of the year. Mario Quintero, Leader, First Vocal, Producer and Director of Los Tucanes de Tijuana is one of the most proliferate composers in the Mexican Regional genre who continues to maintain his leadership and is recognized in the music field as one of the most famous and versatile composers of the norteño genre, his themes have been recorded by hundreds of groups from different musical genres, the lyrics of his songs and his controversial corridos have crossed borders in the whole world, recognized as “El Papá de los Pollitos” (The Father of the chicks), one of the most famous composers due to his controversial corridos and his romantic songs which have participated in the Soundtrack for various Mexican and American movies as well as successful Television series.
  • 2015 - May 12th - Telemundo premieres in national television network the video “La Señora de Acero” original Soundtrack theme for the super series “Señora Acero.
  • May 21st - World Premiere of the video “Suena la Banda” by Los Tucanes de Tijuana in a Duet with Codigo FN in Internet on VEVO.COM.
  • November 13th - Launch of the first single “Panchito el F1” from the album CORRIDOS TIME- SEASON TWO-SEGUNDA TEMPORADA. In its first week it positioned itself in the first places of HotSong in Monitor Latino.
  • January 19th – Los Tucanes, present at the Red Carpet at the Premiere of the movie “EL AMERICANO” reaching great success at the first release, including the presence of: Edward James Olmos, Ricardo Arnaiz, Aleks Syntek, Adal Ramones, Pierre Ángelo, Grecia Villar. Among the cast that participated with their voices are: Kate del Castillo, Héctor Suárez as well as Paul Rodríguez, Erik Estrada, Lisa Kudrow. Additionally Mario Quintero has a brief appearance as a Toucan, with his feature slogan "Échele Primo" (Come on cousin).



The group the changed the course of Nortena music as its heard around the globe." "Los Papas de los pollitos"!

Today its known as the "Norteno Group" that revolutionized the rhythm of "Norteno Music" and will continue to be at the forefront of the genre and continue its pursuit to make history and help Mexican Regional music reach everyone around the globe.


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