To receive the millennium they released an album of just remixes with the most driven songs of their most recent productions titled LAS MOVIDAS DE LOS TUCANES where the LAS HELADAScomes from a normal version and two remixes: Batucanes Mix and Chelas Boys Mix. This album of Las Movidas de Los Tucanes came under the Azteca Label in Mexico and EMI Latin in USA. Tearing down borders with their recordings, each new release of the Tucanes de Tijuana is a major international event such as has been noticed in Spain and Latin America thanks to a special disk which includes 12 of their successes. Insisting on the importance of its sentimental profile, the latest album of songs from the group, which includes 12 tracks, leaves no doubt about their way of being: it is called "Me Gusta Vivir De Noche", from which it appears the first cut entitled in the same way, it’s a very different song to what had been heard before but after much controversy the issue exceeded the commentaries and today is one of the most danced songs in almost all America.

Also, as it is customary it was launched together with this production of songs, a record with 14 consecutive totally unpublished corridos entitled CORRIDOS DE PRIMERA PLANA fromthe song "MIS TRES VIEJAS", a corrido that created much controversy and that are still comments about the video that some TV stations censured in Mexico.



  • 2001 - May. They launched with LIDERES USA and UNIVERSAL Mexico a double disc catalog titled: 32 CORRIDOS LIDERES where the most requested songs of their concerts are included.
  • 2002 - February 12th. They released their album titled: LAS ROMANTICAS DE LOS TUCANESa disc with 16 very romantic songs, which even had been already recorded in other productions before, but it was a great surprise to everyone that this disc in just 13 days after sale day reached out to be a Gold Record for more than 100,000 copies sold and it was placed on the top of the Billboard listin just two weeks of release. 2002 - February 28th. Los Tucanes paid an pending record to Cadena Musical and Cadena Musical negotiated with SONY Music, the disc was titled: LISTA NEGRA, is an album consisting of 10 corridos from Mario Quintero inspiration.
  • 2002 - July. Released their first album with the new band members, the album is titled "Jugo A La Vida", this production included 12 new songs and two bonus tracks, the pop version of the song "Mi Amor Inseparable" and the country version of "Quiere que seamos novios". Maintaining their norteño style.
  • 2002 - Launch of 10 of their catalog albums with Universal Music, plus an unreleased album. "Jugo A La Vida" (“Mundo De Amor”, “14 Corridos Bien Pesados, “15 Kilates De Amor” , “Me Robaste El Corazón”, 14 Tucanazos Bien Picudos, “Me Robaste El Corazón”, “Tucanes De Oro”, “Tucanes De Plata, “Clave Nueva”, “Las Románticas De Los Tucanes”).
  • 2002 - Between January and December. SONY Music Launches 8 catalog discs plus 1 unpublished from CADENA MUSICAL under their license. Amongst them 2 discs with Banda and for the first time LOS TUCANES are heard before their audience with Sinaloa Band. SONY Music launched the promotional song: SUENA LA BANDA. Amongts these released albums by Sony Music: 1-AL POR MAYOR 2-AYER, HOY Y SIEMPRE 20 EXITOS VOL. 1 3- AYER, HOY Y SIEMPRE 20 EXITOS VOL. 2 4- AYER, HOY Y SIEMPRE 20 CORRIDOS VOL.1 5- AYER, HOY Y SIEMPRE 20 CORRIDOS VOL.2 6-AYER, HOY Y SIEMPRE 20 EXITOS VOL. 3 7-SUENA LA BANDA (los Tucanes con banda) 8-LOS PODEROSOS (los Tucanes con banda) 9-LISTA NEGRA (Corridos Inéditos)
  • 2003 - January. They start recording the corridos album called IMPERIO, and they use for the first time Mario Quintero's studio, which is called: eQ Audio e Imagen. 2003 - May 16th. Corridos only album release titled: IMPERIO, under the Universal Music label.
  • 2003 - December. Release of the album "Amor Descarado", this album only comes with 3 new unedited songs, "Amor Descarado", "Las Pozoleras" and "Lindas Mujeres". These three songs were written for some characters of the soap opera "Amor Descarado" which aired in the US through Telemundo network and it was negotiated to various countries in Latin America and Europe.
  • 2003 - December. Released with Lideres Group USA an album titled: Terapias a la Mexicana, this album has 12 love songs and against them or vice versa. 2004 - January. Released an album entitled "Puro Amor". This album consists of just romantic songs recorded on previous albums. 2004 - June. Goes on sale the disc of Lucia Mendez where she does a duet with Los Tucanes de Tijuana on 2 tracks produced and composed by Mario Quintero Lara.
  • 2004 - December 7th. They retake the Universal formula and release 2 new productions of Los Tucanes de Tijuana, a corridos album "Fiesta En La Sierra" and the songs album "El Virus del Amor". Los Tucanes de Tijuana make history once again placing them in the top of the radio without having their album on sale yet. "El Virus del Amor".
  • 2004 - December. Immediately Sony Music launched for sale a triple catalog album entitled: Tesoros de Coleccion, using Universal Music promotion, Sony Music manages to place their triple album in the charts of the Billboard magazine.
  • "2005 - September. Relaunched with VENEVISON (Vene Music) the Titled album: LOS MAS BUSCADOS, where they include the song with Sinaloa Band ""La Tambora va a Sonar"" on a duet with VALENTIN ELIZALDE, produced by Mario Quintero Lara, voice and leader of Los Tucanes de Tijuana. 
  • 2005 - November. Relaunched with VENEVISION (Vene Music) the titled album: AMOR PLATONICO where they also included a duet with LUCIA MENDEZ, this time is 2 songs: ""Almas Gemelas"" and ""La Pareja Dispareja"", produced by Mario Quintero Lara. 
  • 2006 - Signed contract with Univision Music Group, and in May, released their first concept album ""Siempre Contigo"" a concert that was filmed live in the Zocalo of Mexico City, their first DVD and CD ""CONCIERTO EN VIVO"" surpassing the 100,000 copies sold in 2006, then in October they launched the first album of songs, AMANTE DE LO BUENO, the first promotional single was ""Sin Ti Soy Un Loco"" and the second cut ""Amante de lo Bueno"" was released in January 2007, an song that was already shaping up to be on the Billboard charts."
  • 2007 - January 9th. The corrido album, EL PAPA DE LOS POLLITOS, is released for sale,  title of the album and the first promotional single, an album that surprised Univision Music Group, due to its great demand the disk ran out in the first week of release, reaching the top spot on Billboard / SoundScan-Mexican Regional for high sales, and third in Hot Latin Albums.
  • 2008 - November 24. Release of two albums "Propiedad Privada" & "Soy Todo Tuyo" with their first single Se Fue Mi Amor.
  • 2009 - Los Tucanes de Tijuana closed with a flourish on December 2008, taking possession of the 1st. place in sales! & In January 2009 they remained at the 2nd. place during the first weeks of the year on the most selling charts in the United States with their production "Propiedad Privada" source derived from Latin monitor.
  • 2010 - Los Tucanes de Tijuana, released their new album "El Arbol", which includes 15 corridos, all of the composer Mario Quintero Lara, plus four versions in band genre. The new Tucanes production is seen as the most controversial and contentious of the year.
  • 2011 - The new release of Los Tucanes de Tijuana "El Arbol" remained for seven consecutive weeks, as the number 1 Regional Mexican Album in sales by Soundscan Billboard.
  • 2012 - February - The new release "365 Dias" goes on sale on January 31st in the United States and Mexico. The discographic production consists of cumbias and ballads and some of them in Sinaloa Banda genre.
  • 2013 - January - Los Tucanes de Tijuana launch a discographic compilation titled "Antologia 2013" which is made up of their biggest hits in 4 CD's and 1 DVD with their best music videos, celebrating their 25th anniversary of artistic career.
  • 2013 - December 3. Launch and digital sale of the first single "Soy Parrandero" from the Corridos album Time-Season One- Soy Parrandero.
  • 2014 - February 18th. World premiere of the Soy Parrandero video clip, filmed in spectacular locations in Galicia Spain and in the city of Bogota with a bouquet of beautiful Colombian women.
  • 2014 - February 25th. They begin the Promotion of their Corridos Album Time-Season One-Soy Parrandero in the city of Miami, in the "Despierta America" televisionprogram Universal grants Los Tucanes the Gold Record for the album "365 Dias" winner of the Grammy Latino.
  • 2014 - March 18th. Physical CD on sale: Corridos Time-Season One-Soy Parrrandero.
  • 2015 - August 19th - Launch of the First single “Perdóname mi Amor” from the album with the same name.
  • 2014 - October 27th - The album PERDONAME MI AMOR was released for sale in iTunes 
  • 2015 - February 6th. Launch of the single "Suena La Banda" Los Tucanes recorded a duet with Codigo FN, the 2nd. album cut PERDONAME MI AMOR, creating a fusion of voices and instruments in which they printed each one of them their essence and musical quality and conceive this excellent blend of Tuba and Accordion the unmistakable style of Los Tucanes de Tijuana and Codigo FN and the song was placed on the first popularity spots.
  • 2015 - May 12th - Telemundo premieres in national television network the video “La Señora de Acero” original Soundtrack theme for the super series “Señora Acero
  • 2015 - May 21 - World premiere of the video "Sounds Band" Los Tucanes de Tijuana to Duet with FN Code VEVO.COM Internet.
  • 2015 - November 13th - Launch of the First single "Panchito F1" from the CORRIDOS TIME- SEASON TWO-SEGUNDA TEMPORADA album. In its first week it is positioned at the top of the Hot Latin Song Monitor.