Sweeping style, direct and sincere like the people, Los Tucanes de Tijuana tell action stories. Based on their lyrics, inspiration of Mario Quintero Lara they have filmed two movies "Clave Privada" and "Clave Nueva". Also two corridos "El Cartel de a Kilo" and "El Puño de Polvo" were authorized to fund some scenes of the Spain movie "Perdita Durango" from Director Pedro Almodóvar. The song "Secuestro de Amor" was also authorized for soundtrack of Chilean movie "Tuve un Sueño Contigo".



  • 2000 - By year end they were invited to musically participate in the soap opera "EL AMOR NO ES COMO LO PINTAN" with HECTOR ZOBERON and transmitted by TV AZTECA.
  • 2001 - August. They were invited for the second time to participate with two of their musical themes on the soap opera "COMO EN EL CINE" also transmitted by TV AZTECA in Mexico.
  • 2002. "La Chica Sexy" song is the main musical theme for the soap opera "COMO EN EN CINE" transmitted by Azteca America in the United States.
  • 2002. Mario Quintero is invited by Santiago Pozo from Arenas Entertainment to write the Sound Track of the movie EMPIRE acted by John Leguizamo and Fat Joe. Mario Quintero writes the corrido named IMPERIO, it was recorded by Los Tucanes, it is then delivered to Arenas Entertainment and they loved it, but unfortunately the timing was not the right one and the corrido was unable to make it into the famous movie, but Los Tucanes decided to include it in one of their corridos records naming it IMPERIO, just like the movie.
  • 2003 - June. They are invited by the TV network Telemundo USA to record the main theme song for their soap opera AMOR DESCARADO, theme song written by Mario Quintero, Alberto Slesynger and Archie Peña, the song was recorded in October and the soap opera was launched in September of the same year.
  • 2004 - April. 2 video clips were recorded in the Hacienda San Gabriel Las Palmas in Cuernavaca, Morelos. This estate was inhabited by Hernan Cortez and the troops of Emiliano Zapata, in this historic and heavenly place these 2 videos were filmed, the first song was "Mi Amor Inseparable" from their romantic album PURO AMOR and the second video was for the song: "La Pareja Dispareja", a theme song that was recorded as a duet with Lucia Mendez and were directed with overwhelming style, direct and honest as the people, Los Tucanes de Tijuana tell stories of mass action.
  • 2004 - December. They are hired by Telemundo to record a special program at Universal Studios in Hollywood, CA. this special was broadcasted in several countries in Latin America.
  • 2004 - December. They recorded two video clips in Monterrey Nuevo Leon, "El Virus del Amor" and "Fiesta en la Sierra," directed by Mike Rodriguez.
  • 2005 - April. Los Tucanes de Tijuana are invited by Sergio Mayer to record the official theme of the Show SOLO PARA MUJERES. The song was produced and composed by Mario Quintero and bears the same name Show. 2005 - May, they filmed the video "Luna Llena" in Mexico City., under the direction of Benny Corral and with the participation of actress Manola Diez.
  • To date Los Tucanes de Tijuana have been distinguished for their quality and excellence with their videos. In the list of beautiful women who have accompanied them are ALICIA MACHADO, VANESSA VILLELA, COSNTENZA LOPEZ, PATY ALVAREZ, ODALYS GARCIA, LUZ ELENA GONZALEZ, GALILIEA MONTIJO, EUGENIA CAUDURO, ALINE HERNANDEZ, SUSANA GONZALEZ, ADRIANA FONSECA, MANOLA DIEZ, LISHA WILKINGS, LUCIA MENDEZ, BARBARA MORY, IVONNE MONTERO, CLAUDIA LIZALDI, FABIOLA CAMPONES, JACKELINE ARROYO, MARLENE FABELA, MARIANA SEONE, "Nuestra Belleza Nayarit" TANIA VAZQUEZ, JIMENA, GABY RAMIREZ, NOELIA and many more, also participated with excellent actors of the Golden Age of Mexican cinema such as Mr. Joaquín Cordero.
  • 2008 - The theme song of "Amor Platónico" in the film "Rudo y Cursi" with a headline performance by Gael Garcia & Diego Luna. Written and directed by filmmaker Carlos Cuaron and Produced by: Alfonso Cuarón, Alejandro González Inarritu, Guillermo del Toro.
  • 2009 - The theme songs of "El Tucanazo" and "La Chona", anchored scenes for the film American Free Style, starring Corbin Blue, Madison Pettis & Sandra Echeverria.
  • 2009 - Los Tucanes de Tijuana, recorded a corrido for the film "Saving Private Perez" written by Mario Quintero Lara, leader, composer and producer of Los Tucanes.
  • 2010 - Los Tucanes de Tijuana recorded the ballad entitled "El Diablo" song written by the composer, leader and Tucanes producer MARIO QUINTERO LARA, for the Mexican film EL INFIERNO from filmmaker Luis Estrada, which was nominated for the Goya Awards 2011, which was held on February 13 in the city of Madrid, Spain.
  • 2011 - Los Tucanes de Tijuana have an essential participation in recording the soundtrack of the film "SALVANDO AL SOLDADO PEREZ" with the lyrics of the main theme song "Julian Pérez" written by the composer and Tucanes leader Mario Quintero Lara, the premiere was on March 17.
  • 2012 September.- Los Tucanes de Tijuana were a key factor in the creation of the documentary film "Hecho en Mexico" from English producer Duncan Bridgeman, where deep-rooted traditions and customs of Mexico and beautifully are narrated, and the music which distinguish it in the entire world, which is why Los Tucanes de Tijuana were invited to participate in an essential way in this film.
  • 2013 June 25 - Los Tucanes participate with "El Corrido de Cuco" in the production of the sound track for the cartoon film "El Americano" under executive production by Edward James Olmos and Director Ricardo Arnaiz, Co-director Mike Kunkel and Producers: Gerry Cardoso, Alex Flores.
  • 2014 June - Telemundo network invites Mario Quintero Lara and Los Tucanes de Tijuana to compose and perform the corrido "La Señora de Acero" which was released worldwide on August 21st at the "Tu Mundo" awards, thus participating in the Soundtrack of the soap opera with more expectations ... "SEÑORA ACERO" debuting worldwide on September 2014.
  • 2014 - August 21. "Tu Mundo" Awards invites Los Tucanes for a worldwide release of their latest singles "La Señora Acero" and "Perdoname Mi Amor" songs from their latest production PERDONAME MI AMOR, were Los Tucanes also contributed with their participation on "Tu Mundo" Awards on their 3rd. year, which was awarded the # 1 Prime Time Entertainment Rating with the highest audience reaching over 4.1 million viewers.
  • "2014 - September. Mario Quintero Lara is invited by Telemundo network to participate as one of the judges on the reality show ""YO SOY EL ARTISTA"" which premiered on September 14 the same year.
  •  quintero-no-es-tan-callado-como-parece/7b103fa0-2220-492a-a7f8-b5f858a34793"
  • 2015 - January 14. The super series "Señora Acero" from Telemundo network positioned itself in #1 most-watched Spanish-speaking programs on their 10 PM schedule for 14 of 16 weeks among adults aged 18-49 yearsSeñora Acero was produced by Television Argos and filmed in various locations throughout Mexico. The Soundtrack was produced by Mario Quintero and Los Tucanes de Tijuana.
  • 2016 - January 19. Los Tucanes were present on the red carpet at the premiere of the movie "EL AMERICANO" achieving great success at the premiere where were present Edward James Olmos, Ricardo Arnaiz, Aleks Syntek, Adal Ramones, Pierre Angelo, Grecia Villar. Among the cast who participated with their voices are: Kate del Castillo, Hector Suarez and Paul Rodriguez, Erik Estrada, Lisa Kudrow. Besides Mario Quintero has a special cameo as a toucan, with its characteristic Slogan "Echele Primo"